Space Stuff from Florida

I figure I should include some space stuff since that's the whole reason I was build crap for the space station (worded slightly different on my résumé).
The shuttle on it's pad and a crawler at the space center. The shuttle launching, and landing a few weeks later. An earlier rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. The vehicle assembly building, about 50 stories tall and open inside...I got kicked out after about 3 minutes for not wearing pants. The international space station assembly area. Some rocket assembly stuff at the other place I worked out of.
fla0240.jpg fla0270.jpg fla0280.jpg fla0320.jpg
030122-R1-03.jpg 030122-R1-14.jpg 030172-R1-15.jpg 030172-R1-18.jpg
030172-R1-21.jpg 030172-R1-23.jpg 1030119-R1-05.jpg 383522-R1-01.jpg
fla0010.jpg fla0050.jpg fla0080.jpg
fla0090.jpg fla0100.jpg fla0130.jpg
fla0160.jpg fla0170.jpg fla0220.jpg fla0230.jpg
fla0210.jpg fla0180.jpg fla0200.jpg
fla0340.jpg fla0360.jpg fla0350.jpg
DSCN3020.jpg DSCN3025.jpg DSCN3076.jpg
DSCN3067.jpg DSCN3072.jpg

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