11-04-26 to 11-04-30 Lao, Tha Khaek

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Susan's Blog
I can't imagine any of those dogs have either a bright or long future ahead of them.
It drives me nuts that they insist on calling these things motorbikes. It is a gutless scooter with a basket. Calling it anything else does not make it any cooler.
Konglor Cave
I bitched about a half hour bus ride to work, so it made me feel like a bit of a princess seeing these guys with a 7.5 km commute home through a cave, complete with a portage UP rapids.
The broom was forcibly taken from one of the workers, as a defense against the monkey. The monkey everyone else was trying to hug and pet. Susan didn't even crack a smile when I asked if it was a hitting or poking broom (see Sumatra entry).
Ferry crossing to Thailand.