Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

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As you may or may not have heard we had a vacation to Burma (Myanmar) planned but it didn't quite work out. Upon arrival, with all our forms in hand, we were informed the visa process had changed a week earlier (one day after the Myanmar embassy sent us all the paperwork) amd we weren't allowed to enter. Stupid military junta getting all sensitive about the election. We were then sent back to singapore, escorted off the plane and were supposed to be put on a plane back to Seoul. Apparently the rules in the area say if you are rejected from a country you have to return to your point of origin. Luckily, after some pleading, Singapore immigration checked and found that they had not received any official notice of rejection and so let us into Singapore.

We then found ourselves in the arrivals area of the Singapore airport, with no idea what we were going to do for the next few weeks, and not even a guide book. Inside security at the singapore airport you can't go 50 ft without hitting a free internet terminal (or free video games, free butterfly garden, free movie theatre) but once you are outside they are pretty hard to come by. You can use the business centre at the airport hotel for $1 minute (compared to $1 hour in the city), one computer at mcdonalds with a 10 minute limit (not quite enough time arrange a two week vacation), and luckily a laundromat in the basement that has a few terminal to use while you wait for your laundry to finish.

We ended up doing the loop below from Singapore, up the west coast of Malaysia and then to northern Sumatra in Indonesia.
Singapore Malaysia
Sumatra 1 Sumatra 2