Sumatra, Indonesia

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Bukit Lawang
Could barely sleep from the sounds of monkeys running across the roof all night.
Orangutans at the national park. It's spooky how much I look like one when I'm me on this one.
Some pregnant ones, and new mothers get some supplementary food in addition to what they get in the wild.
Bat filled cave, and rubber tree farm
Hiking an active volcano outside Berastagi. We wanted to hike the one next to it, but it was closed since it had erupted a month before. Susan spent most the hike up quite terrified, as we were trailed by a large group of very loud, angry sounding monkeys. I spent most of it quite scared of Susan and her two defensive sticks (the long on for hitting, and the pointy one for stabbing)
If you look closely at the first picture below, you can see someone standing next to the vent, to give you an idea of scale.
The start of a very long and muddy trek down. It rained. And then rained harder. And then really started to pour. Thunderstorms are even more interesting when you are actually in the thunderclouds. Spending hours trying to hike down a trail that has turned into a waterfall is only interesting after the fact.