Sumatra, Indonesia

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A few days diving in Pulau Weh. Taking the night pictures on the beach, Susan was highly entertained when I had the shit scared out of me by a kitten swatting my ass as I crouched behind the tripod. I had my revenge when Susan was scared by the stampede of cows around around our cabin.
Banda Aceh. Even though it has been mostly re-built, the reminders of the tsunami are still quite chilling. It was the worse hit area as you can see from the couple of pictures below. There are several mass graves around the town with unidentified bodies, one has about 20,000 people, another has 50,000, and this in an area that only has a population of about 250,000. They've even left a few of the boats where they ended up in town, up to 6 km from shore. I'm sure there are a few houses under the big power generating ship.
Am I the only one who finds a "Tunnel of Fear" at the tsunami museum a little odd?
There is nothing Susan loves more than a good sack of coffee.